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What if learning about medical and allied health topics was easier? What if you didn’t need to wade through countless pages of text and figure out everything by yourself? If efficient, effective and enjoyable learning is your thing, ExpertCollege eLearning is the answer! Here at ExpertCollege, we offer you the easiest way to get the medical training you need! Whether you’re a medical student, home care staff, or health care professional, you’ll find an eLearning module suited for you! Our contemporary eLearning system enables rapid, smooth, and highly efficient implementation of training programs. With an exercise-driven approach, you don’t need to read numerous pages of text and waste time sifting through tons of confusing information! You answer exercises from start to finish, unlocking a new chapter each time one is completed. Reference texts offer guidance as you go along, or if you’d want to review a certain concept in-depth. At the same time, our software keeps track of your performance and dynamically adjusts to your user level. Topics you’ve mastered aren’t unnecessarily repeated, because the system recognizes the topics you already know. Thus, more exercises are given for topics where improvement is most needed, until you master all topics. This system is the closest you get to having a “digital coach.” It’s like having strictly individual guidance, fully tailored to your level of knowledge! Plus, the digital coach takes into account the extent to which a student tends to forget a topic, and repeats the material when necessary. With remarkable animations, simulations and illustrations, learning with ExpertCollege is your best bet at efficient mastery of medical and allied health courses!

Interactive 3D Models in A&P eLearning Modules

Soon, very detailed interactive 3D models of human anatomy will be added to various eLearning modules! This allows you to view every detail of the complete human anatomy in 3D! It works directly from the browser on your computer, tablet or mobile phone...

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